Choosing the Right Roof Colour to Suit Your Home

roofrestorationIs your roof looking old, dull or faded? Have you been thinking about doing some roof restoration work to give your home a facelift but don’t know where to start? The main issue when repairing and restoring an old or tired looking colorbond or tile roofs is deciding on the perfect colour to suit your home. We spoke with one of Melbourne’s experts on roof restoration for some tips on picking the right palette to suit your little piece of suburbia.

The issue when choosing the best roofing colours is often more of a personal preference than anything else. Still, this will also depend on the style and type of home in question. As a general rule the roof colour should effectively matching the shades of the walls, the gutters, and other prominent areas of the house.

The best choice for a roofing colour for your home need not be strictly limited to how attractive it is on its own. A more important aspect about the process of choosing the perfect hue is how evenly it matches the overall house design, especially the wall areas. Guttering can always be painted to suit if necessary.


A selection of common roofing colours

In the case of brick houses, the process can be a bit trickier. Bricks often come in varying hues, so the idea here is to look for the more dominant colours. Once this has been identified, try to find out if a similar colour exists among the available roofing materials. At this point, there should be a clearer idea on the colours that will look good on the roof.

Of course, there is no need to make an exact match between the roof and brick colours. A hint of the same shades will often match well and look aesthetically pleasing. If this is not true in your particular case, effective colour combinations can always be considered. Take a look at a colour wheel to see which colours and shades will work with your current palette.

In this regard, it is important to note that exact matches are rarely recommended. This is partly because they tend to create an unexciting, or even dull, home exterior. On the other hand, bold and unique roof colours are not only eye-catching they can also set a trend and make your home stand out. A case in point would be an orange roof over walls draped in a hue light blue.

Finding the perfect roof colors is not always easy. This is because the available roof colors remain limited when compared to the various shades of paints currently being sold in the market. If you cannot find the right colour prefabricated coloubond or pre-painted tiles to suit right off the showroom floor, you can always go to added expense and have your new roofing material painted in the perfect shade to suit. If you are on a budget you may need to compromise slightly on the ideal hue to fit with the colours available at the time.

two men painting a roofWhile colour matching, remember that the chosen colour for the roof can also be used to paint the gutters, the downpipes, and the eaves. This is one approach that many expert color consultants find highly effective. The contention here is that gutters are hardly noticed and will not adversely affect the overall house appearance and style. Often, there is also a need to camouflage some of these areas of the home. This can usually be achieved by painting over them with the same colors used on the walls.

One other crucial aspect about looking for the best roof colors has to do with choosing from either the lighter or the darker shade. Darker colors tend to be less reflective when compared to lighter hues. This can affect the overall temperature inside the house.

On the other hand, the lighter shades can prove to be the best roof colors especially in places where extreme heat is a common experience. Houses painted with lighter hues are found to be significantly cooler. We strongly recommend against going with a fully white-colored roof however, as the glare that this could produce can pose a few problems, and it will look dirty too easily.