A Veggie Garden at Home gives more than just Groceries

an organic vegetable garden

When it comes to healthy foods, vegetables easily top the list. Still, vegetables and other foods are not immune to the rising prices of basic commodities. Since produce is free to grow if you have the space, it makes sense to start a vegetable garden at home to cut down on your daily expenses.

A vegetable garden at home offers more than just significant financial savings. Several other benefits can be derived when seriously considering the idea of building an area around the house filled with food producing plants.

For example, many people consider gardening as their hobby. The truth, however, is that while the thought of growing plants may fascinate them, the activity also gives many a feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment. Studies have shown that people who garden are less stressed and live longer.

Experts connect this to the primal nature of man. For some people, digging both hands into a pile of dirt and sand somehow serves as the link to our past when everything that was ever needed was easily produced from the earth.

Unfortunately, modern man has forgotten the lessons of his primitive past. Our rapid advancement in technology has undoubtedly brought us numerous, outstanding discoveries and achievements, but it has also produced more stress than our physical bodies are able to handle.

With high stress levels comes an increase in a variety of ailments like heart attacks, hypertension, and even depression. Many of these can be prevented by engaging in simple and effortless activities such as gardening.

In a study conducted by researchers in the Netherlands, it was concluded that the capacity of humans to focus their attention on a directed or goal-centered activity is limited. Once we reach the limit of our attention, the average person is bound to get distracted, irritated, and is prone to committing errors.

Researchers refer to this condition as attention fatigue which can be effectively treated by engaging in activities which require minimal attention and thinking. Enjoying the outdoors or getting involved in nature-centered tasks are good examples since they require very little mental focus and help us to relax the mind.

This is the reason gardening is often seen as a great stress reliever. Even a small vegetable garden at home can take the mind off from the daily stresses of life both at work and at home.

Having a vegetable garden at home also offers a form of exercise. The many repetitive tasks like planting, weeding, watering and digging often need to be completed with the use of physical strength. In some cases, there is even a need to do some form of stretching especially when trying to reach out small gardening tools that have been placed unwittingly in a distant corner.

These are forms of exercises that may have low-impact results as opposed to the more stringent programs. Still, they can keep the body physically fit and can even be suitable for those who are suffering from minor health ailments like back aches and strains. This is one of the reasons why gardening is so popular with elderly people.

An interesting aspect about starting a vegetable garden at home has to do with keeping the brain healthy. Having a full time job can take its toll on the brain in the long run especially if the work involves a lot of stress and pressure. A small backyard garden has been found to have therapeutic effects as the sight and smell of plants and flowers is believed to carry relaxing properties. If you’re looking for some organic herbs or native foods to plant around your home, take a look at our favourite online store for bush foods, organic herbs and medicinal plants – The Herb Store.