Bathroom Design Tips For A Small Space

A bathroom is an essential part of our homes and probably the room where we spend most of the time alone. It’s a place where you can have peace of mind. That’s why you need to have it well designed to provide a great atmosphere. Unfortunately, some bathrooms are very small in size whereby designing them can be very challenging. 

Bathroom Design Ideas for Small Spaces

Here are tips for designing a small-sized bathroom.

1.    Use Shower Curtains

Shower CurtainsThis is one of the simplest yet a very effective designing tips for small bathrooms. Curtains move back and forth thus taking a small space compared to a glass door which has to go in and. Try shower-tub combos where some are 60 inches in length.

2.    Install A Corner Sink

Here’s one of the  bathroom update ideas you should always consider – place a corner sink. One mistake that people make is placing the across the shower. But the best way to go about it is placing a corner sink across from the toilet.  It makes it easy to open and close the door comfortably. This makes the use of the bathroom much convenient and enjoyable.

3.    Select a Vanity with One Shelf

Bathroom VanitiesWhether the bathroom is small, it has to accommodate you and all operations. A vanity with one shelf will do great deal in helping to save up space which can be of great use. The shelves can hold as many towels as needed. Fold them neatly and place them, you will be amazed by how lovely they look on the shelf.

4.    Mount the Towel Bar on a Door

The question of where to put the towel while taking a shower appears to everyone. Having a small-sized bathroom, you can consider putting a towel bar on your shower door for convenience. You can also consider storing a bulk of your towel in nearby linen closet.

5.    Round the Vanity

In the tightest space, having a rounded vanity instead of cornered vanity can be of great help. This is if the corner hips are getting in the way or occupying more space than necessary. This type of vanity can also work well in a bathroom which is square-designed. 

6.    Choose The Right Kind Of Door

Bathroom Door IdeasThis is another important tip to consider. Ensure that your bathrooms doors move out and not in, while opening. Also, make sure your bathroom door does not open in front of the toilet,  it will be great if it opens toward a wall.

7.    Expand the Mirror

In a small-sized space, consider having a large mirror placed across your bathroom where it can be used by two at least people. This will help you to maximise on every inch.

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