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air conditioning checklist

Turning on your Air Conditioner Checklist

Before the summer arrives with its blazing heat, it is always advisable that you have a look at your AC and make sure that it’s working properly. Don’t wait until the summer arrives. If your AC needs some repairs at the last minute, you might

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The Money Pit Movie Review

Few movies succeed in casting something as inane as a house as something that drives the storyline. The Money pit is a movie about a young lawyer, Walter, and his girlfriend. Tom Hanks plays the part of Walter Fielding whilst Shelley Long plays Ann. When

okay plumber

Emergency Plumbing Checklist

There comes a time in everybody’s lives when they have to make a dreaded, panicked call to emergency plumber. You might come home to a burst pipe in your yard, soggy carpets, or water bubbling up from a blocked drain flooding the inside of your

an old home in disrepair

Thinking About Purchasing a Renovator’s Delight?

With the crazy price of houses in all the major metropolitan areas of Australia such as Melbourne and Brisbane, we don’t blame you for looking for homes further from the CBD or purchasing cheaper, run-down houses with the aim of doing them up over time.

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The Five Vital Questions to Ask Your Prospective Tenants

Being a DIY landlord is a hard gig. Maintenance and legislation alone will have you constantly jumping through hoops. Add in the demoralizing effect of housing bad tenants and by the end of their term you’ll be selling the property quicker than you can say

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Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Home in Top Condition

We understand that keeping your home well-taken care of can at times be more tasking than first thought. However, it can and should be easier. By combining some DIY projects and hiring maintenance professionals such as plumbers or roofers on a regular basis, you can