Five Interior Design Trends For 2016

With only a few months left in 2015, it might be a bit late to go into a discussion of the 5 interior design trends for 2015. So rather than focus on what we’ve seen a lot of so far this year, we’re going to explore the ultra-fresh design trends that we’re seeing in the backend of 2015 and use these as our predictions for what unique reno-styles will be hot come 2016. So come with us on a journey into the future as we take a walk through our predicted 5 interior design trends for 2016. Time to get out the crystal ball!

metal home decor

Our first prediction reveals mixes of several metal elements will be the latest rage in the interior design field particularly in London where we have already started to see a glimmer of a trend emerging. Specifically, cool metals like silver mixed with their warmer counterparts like rose gold and copper are rapidly gaining a large following among many interior design experts. However, several designers cautioned against placing this metal mix in one single area of the room. They said the eventual result of this type of design could come out as being too staged. A better alternative would be a design made from a mix of gold and silver with a dash of black metals. This may initially be seen as a bit risky but should eventually register a more stylish appearance. Are you mental about metallic? This could be the trend for you!


navy blue decor

Next up is navy blue-inspired decorations. This emerging trend in interior design is said to be the ideal counter to white marble mainly because of the versatility of the colour. As one Paris-based designer aptly puts it, navy blue can effectively complement a wide range of colors, including cream, sage, gray, pink, and coral.

designer rug harlequinReviving the rug is our next prediction. Now I know what you’re thinking ‘rugs have always been perennial home design fixtures,’ but hear me out! Next year, those types of rugs that contain irregular patterns are seriously being examined for their visual fluidity. In a rectangular-shaped room filled with similarly-shaped furniture, these rug types can effectively break the resulting grid. Whether you consider adding a circular flat weave rug, or a patchwork rug with a curvy design. Breaking the right angle mold is the key to rug design in 2016.

Designer rugs are also becoming a hot commodity for many interior designers as we move towards the end of the year. Designer rugs are considered as genuine art pieces especially when manufactured from silk as this helps create shimmer and produces the illusion of constant color change. Designer brands like Brink & Campman, Sanderson, and Harlequin have been keeping their 2016 rug designs but we have been told to expect a beautiful assortment of colour and luxurious designs.

smoked glass decor

Meanwhile, in the Los Angeles design scene, smoked glass is being hailed as the number one up and coming design trend for 2016. A clear and immaculate glass filled home was in last year, but this is making way for a smokier variation.

Smoked glass often emits an air of mystery and should blend well with many standard design materials. More importantly, this emerging design somehow helps strike a balance between the feminine and the masculine elements often at work in many interior design projects.

Interestingly, even as smoked glass is currently being seen as a fast-rising design trend, it is not an entirely fresh and new approach. The 70s actually made use of the smoked glass design as seen in many intimate clubs in various parts of the US. But don’t mix smoked glass with a shaggy rug or you will feel like you have been sucked up in a time warp!

concrete tile decor

Concrete tiles are our last prediction to complete the list of interior design trends for 2016. Its growing popularity can be attributed to the ongoing emphasis on outdoor living where colorful tiles are commonly employed as design materials. Combined with graphic designs, concrete tiles are able to create that unique ethnic environment in any space. This accounts for the movement of concrete tiles from their original commercial home to the broader residential setting of outdoor entertaining.

So as you look towards the future and try and plan out your new home renovations for next year we hope we have been able to provide you with some valuable insight into what we feel will be the up and coming trends in 2016!