How to get Rid of Unwanted Critters in Your Home

Whether you live in an apartment or a house, in the city, or the country, at some time you may have unwanted visitors. The humane removal of animals and their babies is often necessary to prevent damage to your property.

Wildlife such as possums, birds, rats, mice, bats, and even snakes, can often be found looking for shelter inside people’s homes. If you hear scampering sounds, or unusual noises in your walls you may have a creature or two in some area of your home. Besides attics, animals sometimes invade walls, basements, and the area between floors. It is a good idea to call out a pest control company to fumigate your attic and other vulnerable areas of your home and make sure they are kept free of urine, rodent droppings, and other unwanted animal leftovers.

Below are some tips from a well-known Brisbane commercial pest control company. They have decided to share their experience and knowledge with us to help us manage our own pest issues when we can.

Possum Removal

possums in the roofPossums often set up housekeeping in attics, chimneys, ceilings and crawlspaces. These creatures can cause considerable harm to insulation, siding, electrical wiring and roof tiles.

To remove possums:

• Find their entry/exit holes.
• Use caulk, weather stripping or a screen to seal off all of the holes.
• Set a possum trap using apple as bait where the possums have been residing.
• Take any caught possums outside of the home to set them free.

Hopefully, with all the entry points to your home sealed off they will not be able to return inside.

Bat Removal

batsStrange squeaks and screeches coming from your attic may signify a bat infestation. Bats can cause an unpleasant smell that is difficult to eliminate. Bats can also make a lot of noise, which can be very upsetting at night when the household is trying to sleep.

To remove bats:

• Determine the bats’ roosting place and look for entry points.
• Check your attic, chimney, near the roof and under the eaves.
• Use caulk or weather stripping to seal all but one of the openings.
• Purchase an exclusion door and place it directly onto the gap that is still open.
• Once the animals exit to find food, seal the final opening.

Pidgeon Removal

pidgeons on the roofPidgeons and other birds will often inhabit any area that provides shelter. They often set up residence under tall outdoor ceilings or on high posts and poles. Their droppings can make a mess and are unhygienic to be around.

To remove pidgeons or other problematic birds:

• Go over the exterior of the ares to carefully to find any entry points.
• Set up pidgeon spikes on places where the birds like to sit.
• If necessary you can set up netting to stop the birds entering the area.
• Clean up the area that was inhabited. Wash to remove all droppings.

Remember, it is always important to get rid of unwanted pests as fast as possible, before they can cause damage to your home. If you do not have the skills or knowledge to do it yourself, get in contact with a reputable pest controller in your area who will be able to help you with your problem.