Improve Your Home By Adding 3 Items To Your Roof

Are you looking for ways to improve the value and comfort of your home as well as reduce your everyday living expenses? All this can be achieved by simply adding three products to the roof of your home. These products are PV solar power, solar hot water and solar roof vents. Replacing your very inefficient gas or electric hot water system with solar hot water can save you big cash on your gas or electricity bill. Installing a solar roof vent to extract the heat from your roof space can make your home a much more comfortable place to live and reduce or eliminate the need to use power hungry air conditioning. Finally by installing a solar PV power system you can reduce or eliminate your electricity bill completely. Keep in mind it is not just the cost savings that make these products so attractive, the fact that they add value to your home and make it much more attractive for potential buyers also comes into consideration. I will take you through how each of these products will improve your home.

Solar Roof Vent

roof ventilation

A solar roof vent is like a whirlybird on steroids as it moves as much air as up to 15 whirlybirds. The solar roof vent’s job is to extract the hot air from your roof cavity, thus decreasing the temperature of your living area. Solar Ark’s solar roof vents can reduce your roof cavity by up to 30oc in Summer, which results in about a 6oc drop in your living area. This then can greatly reduce or even eliminate the need to run your air conditioner, which as everybody knows can cost an arm and a leg. The solar roof vent also prevents the build up of hazardous mould in your roof space. See this post for an in-depth look at the benefits of solar roof ventilation products and how they can not only add value to your home but also reduce air-con running costs.

Solar PV Power System

pv solar panel setupInstalling a solar PV system has the potential to save you the most money, however it is also the most expensive route to take. It is a better option now to make your home as energy efficient as possible and then install a solar PV system that suits your energy requirements. In the past people were putting as large a size system as possible in and trying to make money out of it. The scheme in Queensland has now changed and it is more beneficial to cover your own consumption rather than worry about feeding electricity back into the grid. What this means is rather than just spending your entire budget on the largest solar power system possible, you should spread it out over a range of energy efficient products. For example you might spend $3,000 on energy efficient products, which means you now only require a solar system that costs $4,000 less. Solar PV power systems are undoubtedly beneficial, however I think they should be the last step to making your home more energy efficient.

Solar Hot Water

evacuated tube solar diagramIn Queensland electric hot water systems account for on average about a third of your homes electricity consumption. Gas hot water systems have also become ridiculously inefficient and often cost more to run than an electric hot water system. Installing a solar hot water system will not completely eliminate any hot water costs, but the evacuated tube systems are about 85% more efficient than their electric counterparts. As discussed above, eliminating around a third of your electricity consumption will greatly reduce the size of the solar power system that you require. It is not just the savings that you will benefit from, you will be installing a brand new fixture that will add value to your home. Be sure to check out this Queensland Government Solar Fact Sheet for an overview of what system is best for your home.