Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Home in Top Condition


We understand that keeping your home well-taken care of can at times be more tasking than first thought. However, it can and should be easier. By combining some DIY projects and hiring maintenance professionals such as plumbers or roofers on a regular basis, you can turn your house to a dream home. Regular maintenance saves on costs, increases a home’s value, comfort, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal etc. Listed below are some of our home maintenance tips that can save you big in the long run.

Our Tips for Maintaining Your Home

1. Keep a proper roof over your head

It is not only important that you have a roof over your head but also one that doesn’t leak. Roof leaks are irritating, destructive to property and put you and your family at risk. This is because mould causes sickness and poisoning. Constantly evaluate your roof for DIY repairs or hire a roofer to take a look over your roof every few years at a minimum.

2. Take care of your home’s siding

Your home’s siding determine the attractiveness of your home and affects its value. It also determines how well your home’s interior atmosphere is insulated from the exterior atmosphere, affecting your energy bills and comfort. A home’s siding should be repaired/replaced if it is fading, cracking or warping etc.

3. Upgrade your kitchen

a new kitchenAn upgrade of the kitchen reduces time needed to be spent there instead of with family members and friends. It also can reduce energy bills while increasing convenience and a home’s value. Invest in lower energy appliances that make your life easier, and make sure plumbing, piping and seals around the sink are all in top condition to save you from problems later.

4. Upgrade/repair your cooling and heating systems

Regularly maintaining/upgrading your cooling and/or heating systems ensures you enjoy the best of the latest technology and at the best prices possible. A simple repair on a cooling or heating system results in major savings in energy costs.

5. Minimize your electricity bill

By upgrading/maintaining your electrical appliances and investing in solar panels to power your home, you not only increase its value, you also reduce your expenses and can feel good about doing your part for the environment. Old refrigerators with leaking seals can put a massive hole in your pocket. Make sure you keep all your appliances in good working order and count the savings!

6. Take good care of your home’s entry points

Doors and windows should be in good condition, operational and preferably burglar-proof. Make sure all entry points to your home are kept operational at all times.

Some Bonus Tips for those who like to DIY

1. Start a garden

home gardenWhether it’s a kitchen or flower garden, it increases the aesthetic-appeal of your home. If you want to be super practical, plant some fruit trees or a vegetable garden and get the added benefit of free, fresh produce too!

2. Fill your world with color

Repainting increases the vibrancy of your home. If your home is looking drab, give it a fresh new look by adding a splash of colour. If you don’t want to paint the whole place, even just painting strategic areas like around windows etc. can change the whole look of a house.

3. Control your home’s natural lighting

This can be achieved using colors, blinds and curtains. You might also consider adding in a skylight to make the most of those sunshiny days. The added benefit of this is that you won’t need to use lights inside as much, and your electricity bills will drop.

4. Fix leaking faucets

Doing this will reduce your water bill and is also beneficial to the environment. A leaking tap wastes a lot of water over a long period of time. If you spot a leak call a plumber to fix it right away.

5. Clear out clutter

A yard sale/ donations helps you have more space to work with. People collect so much stuff that they never use. Either sell unwanted goods or give them to charity. If you’re not using them they’re just taking up space. Unclutter your life, you’ll be glad you did!

6. Make sure your gate and fence are well-maintained

After all, first impressions count. Fences play a big part in how people judge a house. Keep your gates and fences in top shape and your house will look more presentable.

Following these simple tips can greatly improve the condition and comfort of your home and its value to you and your family. Home buyers are willing to spend more on a well-maintained and aesthetically appealing home so keeping your house in top shape will pay off when it’s time to sell as well.