Thinking About Purchasing a Renovator’s Delight?

house price to income graphWith the crazy price of houses in all the major metropolitan areas of Australia such as Melbourne and Brisbane, we don’t blame you for looking for homes further from the CBD or purchasing cheaper, run-down houses with the aim of doing them up over time. There are many pitfalls to purchasing “renovator’s delight” homes however, and you need to be aware of them so you don’t get stuck with a money pit. We’ve put together a list of a number of things you should do before contracting to buy house that needs significant work done to it to bring it back to its former glory.

A Building and Pest Inspection

While you might see some chipping paint or missing floor boards as a way to save some money on the price of a home, often these are signatures of neglect and potentially much larger problems. A structural inspection is necessary to ensure there are no hidden, significant repair costs that may pop up in the time just after your purchase. Similarly, a thorough pest inspection by a licensed commercial operator is important to ensure termites have not eaten away at the wooden parts of the building, and rats or other unwanted creatures have no infested the area. If you live in the sub-tropical parts of Australia, for example, around Brisbane or the Gold Coast, you may want to get the house checked for possums living in the roof as well.

an old home in disrepair

You’re dream home? Probably not, but at least it’s affordable, right?

A Plumbing and Drainage Inspection

Do you know why the current owners are looking to sell the house? Perhaps they have recently become aware of an issue which is going to cost them a sizable amount of funds to correct, and they think it will be easier just to sell up and let somebody else deal with the problem. Plumbing and drainage issues can cost thousands and are often overlooked when it comes to the purchasing of a house. If there was significant rainfall in the area is it likely water would pool in or around the house? Are there large trees around the home that may be causing blocked drains? A pipe that has been clogged by tree roots or other means can be a hassle to repair. The digging up of the yard required to get to the pipe that needs replacing which can add a significant amount to the purchase price of a home.

Inspection of the Yard for Potential Problems

As is the case with many neglected and run-down houses, grass is often unkempt and backyards can be left full of rubbish. Not only is this going to be a nuisance to rectify, but you may have to deal with snakes, spiders and other creepy crawlies during the cleanup. Hiring someone to clean up the yard for you can be costly, so if you’re planning on doing it yourself to save money keep this in mind. Wear gloves during the clean-up work and ensure you make a lot of noise and vibrations before diving into the long grass and overgrowth to scare off any snakes that may be lingering in the area. If you living in densely-populated city such as Melbourne looking for cheap skip hire online and get several quotes to get the best price. There are usually a number of operators who offer the same serving in the populated areas of Australia. Hiring a cheap skip bin and cleaning up the neglected yard by yourself or with friends can save you a lot of money so it is worth doing if you have the manpower.