Turning your House into a Home

There is a difference between a house and a home. The home is everything a house is and much, much more. A home makes you feel safe, makes you feel comfortable, and most of all it makes you feel welcome.

relaxingWhen you first move into a dwelling before you furnish it, decorate it, and add your own personality to the yard, and interior,  it is just a house. Transforming this house or apartment into a home that reflects your own personality, style, and character can be a lot of fun. This place will be where you spend more than half your life so it’s important that you feel comfortable there.

Below is a short list of some items that can play a big part in making your house more homely. Consider purchasing some of these to give your home warm and more vibrant feel for both you and your guests.


Furniture is very important to creating the vibe of any home. Different to any hotel rooms or serviced apartments where the furniture very generic and often bland, you can decorate the interior of your home with flair and character without fear of offending anyone.  Fancy or unique pieces can really bring a room alive and create an interesting talking point for visitors into your home.

a white egg chairKeep this in mind when looking for furniture and choose items with a little bit of colour or attitude to give your rooms a bit of life. You don’t have to fill your home with the standard, boring, and clinical stuff than most people think about when they hear the word furniture. Look for something different to decorate your home with and think outside the box.

The colourful, inflatable lounges from AirChair are a good example of this. These instantly inflated sofas are bright, colourful and comfortable. They can be seen in modern lounge rooms and offices all across the globe and easy to move or deflate and pack away when not needed. They are also useful as patio or outdoor furniture when you need them.

Special designer centre pieces can also work well to bring some personality into your home. Swopper chairs are not only functional but also look great and add life to a room, of if you want something a bit more homely take a look at an Eames designed chair or a Jacobsen Egg Chair.

A Water Filtration System

While it won’t change the look of your kitchen much if at all, a decent water filter can make your home feel that little bit more comfortable. Nobody wants to drink the harsh and chemical filled tap water that comes straight out of the faucet, and bottled water is expensive and creates excessive plastic waste. Invest in a good water filtration system to keep yourself hydrated at anytime, with pure, unadulterated water.

a tv on a yellow wallArt

Nothing in your home will show off your own personal style more than the art you choose to decorate your home with. Essentially any piece of furniture, any appliance, and any décor you choose for your home with some character is an expression of yourself, and therefore art. Right here and now though I’m talking about paintings, statues, wall hangings, etc.

Once your home is furnished and you are happy with the progress, it’s time to start looking for some artwork to fill in the empty areas and give a truly homely feel. People often like to show off art they may have collected when traveling to exotic countries around the world, or artwork passed down through their families for generations to portray a piece of their family history and culture to guests.

Whatever you choose, try and match it to your furniture and the colour theme of your home.

These are just a few of the things that give your home some warmth and character. Essentially the more personality you put into the designing of your interior the more special it will feel. Sometimes it’s nice to stay in a hotel where all the furniture is modern and all the artwork is contemporary and perfectly placed around the apartment, but there’s nothing truly like coming back to a place that feel like an extension of yourself – your home.